What is Ozarks Amphitheater?
Ozarks Amphitheater (formerly Stoneridge Amphitheater) is an open-air performance venue located in Camdenton, MO. Opened in 1993, it is a place where concert fans have been making memories for over twenty years. Audience capacity at Ozarks Amphitheater is 13,000 people, including approximately 10,000 seats and general admission lawn seating for another 3,000.
How do I get to Ozarks Amphitheater?
Ozarks Amphitheater is located in Camdenton, MO near Lake of the Ozarks. See the Location page for details.
What food and drinks are available?
A variety of food and beverage vendors are available at Lake Ozarks Amphitheater, including BBQ, hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, soda, water, beer, wine, liquor, and more.
Where can I sit?
Ozarks Amphitheater is comprised of VIP seating, Reserved and General Admission seating options. Please see individual concert seating charts as seating options are subject to change with each individual concert.
Can I leave and come back once I’ve passed the front gate? Do you have hand stamps?
Sorry, we do not allow re-entry into the venue or have a hand stamp so you can return after you leave. That’s why it’s crucial that you bring everything you need with you when you come in the front gate.
Can I tailgate in the parking lot before the show?
Tailgating in the parking lot or any amphitheater property is not allowed, unless otherwise specified or in the case of an official Ozarks Amphitheater event.
When does the parking lot and gates to the venue open?
Generally the parking lot opens 2 hours prior to the show time and the gates generally open 30 minutes prior to show time. Check our website a day or two before the show day for exact opening times.
Why is the box office not open for purchasing tickets on a regular basis?
We are actively encouraging online ticket sales to help maintain our green initiative, thereby reducing the amount of paper produced in ticket stock, and the amount of emissions from cars driving to the venue to purchase tickets. However, the box office will be open on day of show from noon on, for those needing tickets and/or to pick up their will call tickets.
What can I bring into the venue?
  • Blankets (only to be used in lawn area)
  • Non-professional cameras (no cameras with detachable lenses are allowed in)
  • Small purses, bags, and drawstring backpacks (no large backpacks allowed)
  • Small personal umbrellas
  • This list subject to change per the artist request
Is there a Lost and Found?
If you have lost items at the amphitheater please visit our Contact Page and submit your lost item with a description and contact information. We will contact you shortly of the status of your item.
What can’t I bring into the amphitheater?
  • No lawn chairs or outdoor furniture
  • No recording devices
  • No food or beverage
  • No glass or metal containers
  • No liquor or drugs
  • No noisemakers or laser pointers
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No vehicles (except those required by the disabled)
  • No animals (except service dogs)
  • No picnic baskets or coolers
  • No radios, tape and video recorders
  • No bbq grills
  • No strollers and toys that create a disturbance
  • No hula hoops
  • No drones or personal aircraft This list subject to change per the artist request.
Can I Tailgate at Lake Ozarks Amphitheater?
Sorry, but tailgating in the Ozarks Amphitheater parking lot is prohibited.
How much is parking?
Parking is $10 per car.
Can I fly my drone over the venue to get a better look?
Prior written authorization is required to film or fly over Ozarks Amphitheater. The air above Ozarks Amphitheater is classified as a no fly zone without written permission. In fact, performers have flat out told us that if there is a drone in the air, their performance will not take place. This ruins the event for everyone, so please be courteous and keep your drones away from the venue.